Company Professional Liability is insured for 400 000 GEL by Insurance Company "GPI Holding"

10% Discount for choosing two packages, 20% Discount for choosing three and more packages


Company "Artfinance" Offers You The Following Services:


- Accounting and Taxation;


- Renewal of Accounting and Taxation;


- Assessment of Stocks of Material Values and Capital;


- Consulting in Accounting and Taxation;


- Accounting Department Staff Consulting (staff selection, testing and training of existent staff);


- Financial Audit;


- Tax Audit;


- Special Audit;


- Implementation of Budgeting System;


- Development and Implementation of Efficiency Coefficients and KPI;


- Development and Implementation of Management Accounting System;


- Financial Modelling of Company Activities/ Investment Project;


- Administration of Tax Disputes;


- Preparation of Tax Declarations for Physical Persons;


Auditing Service License5/450